In The Heart of

Ken Owen, founder of Agravitae, grew up on a small farm in Oregon. After a prolific career in marketing and real estate, Ken knew he always wanted to return to his roots. Soon enough he discovered what is now TKO farms - a hardwood and tropical fruit farm in Tea Kettle, Belize. In a small corner of the farm grew “Graviola,” - prized by the Mayans for centuries for its incredible health benefits. This fruit fascinated Ken and the vision soon followed…

Introducing Graviola...

After hearing countless, personal anecdotes about miraculous recoveries with graviola as a natural medicine, Ken knew his mission. There were big challenges ahead, as graviola is notoriously difficult to grow, and quickly spoils after being picked. But Ken was determined to solve these issues.

2X Vitamin C & Potassium
found in Blueberries + Acai

Contains Vitamins
A, B1-3, B5, B6, B9

Rich in Minerals
Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Iron


With innovation at the forefront, TKO Farms invested in the appropriate infrastructure and employed multiple techniques such as hand pollination, coupled with high tech irrigation and solar energy - not to mention bulding a tea processing plant. Additionally, they were able to pioneer a freezing process to preserve as much of the fruit’s natural nutrients.

Meet Our

Abner Alas

As the Farm Manager at TKO Farms, Abner is responsible for day-to-day duties which include farm operations, forecasting, research & development and much more.

Nigel Melican

World-renowned tea expert Nigel Melican was brought in to create a first-of-its-kind, estate-crafted graviola tea using only the most nutrient dense, young leaves.

Israel Lorensana

With over 5 decades of farming Graviola, Israel’s innovative and highly meticulous process yields some of the world’s largest graviola fruit, often times 14 lbs!

The Birth Of

With Agravitae’s mission to spread the benefits of graviola to the world, a number of innovative, first-of-its-kind products were born. From skincare to chocolate, graviola leaf tea to coffee bars, our products are infused with graviola and other super ingredients, achieving the perfect harmony of health, decadence, and innovation.

What Does “Agravitae” Mean?

With all that Ken has accomplished, the #1 principle that he lives his life by is GRATITUDE. It is a rich amalgam of the vital parts that come together to make something truly special:

Agravitae is gratitude/a grateful life for the abundance that mother nature/agriculture has provided for us and gifting us with the wonderful superfruit of graviola.