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Independent Business Owner:

An Independent Business Owner (IBO) is a representative of the company and has chosen to start a small business in cooperation with Agravitae. IBOs have the opportunity to earn commissions and bonuses on the products they sell and the teams they build. BENEFITS:

  • Retail Bonuses
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • Leadership rewards
  • Incentive Trips
  • 20% Savings on all products


A consumer or customer, not interested in building a downline organization, that has created an Agravitae account for the sole purpose of buying Agravitae products. An Influencer commits to an autoship order and receives a 10% break from Retail prices. Unique to Agravitae, Influencers are able to earn upwards of 20% commission on any products’ sales they refer. BENEFITS:

  • 10% price break (with active autoship)
  • Earn up to 20% commission on product sale referrals
  • Personalized web shop
  • Frequent Shopper program (to Launch in Spring of 2022)
  • Access to Branded Merchandise

Retail Customer:

An individual that you would want to be part of our brand and are looking to dominate the health and wellness industry. By purchasing products at their discretion, they join a community of like-minded individuals that value:

  • A commitment to sustainability
  • Fair Trade Ingredient
  • Developing Country Humanitarian Projects

Retail Customers have no minimum purchase requirements and a 30 day money back guarantee

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