Gift Sample Box ( Latte, Espresso, & Skincare)

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Treat your family and friends with a sample of of our decadent Espresso & Latte Bars with a taste of Luxury with an our offering of Collagen and Firming lotions.

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Mark Williams
Ive been enjoying the espresso and

Ive been enjoying the espresso and latte bars. Love the chocolate and knowing it has gravilola. Great way to eat healthy and take care of my sweet tooth!!

Vijay Pal
This isnt just good chocolate but its

This isnt just good chocolate but its also a heathy snack! I feel super energetic after eating this tasty treat. The coffee and late one is! If you enjoy some real deal chocolate then you will love this! Just try and be in heaven.

Eric Peterson
Love their products

Love their products! Cant beat the chocolates and coffee..and theyre good for you!

I love the bars they taste great and

I love the bars they taste great and gives you energy that you can feel through the day Ill definitely keep purchasing!

Glen B
Agravitae, the healthy alternative

I love the Espresso and the Latte bars. They taste great and they are healthy enough that I can eat them without interfering with my nutrition plan. They give me that sweet taste and a caffeine boost. I am also excited about the cacao bars. They taste great and are a healthy alternative to candy bars.

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Boost your energy without raising your blood sugar. Smooth Latte Taste sweetened with Graviola!

From the Heart of Belize

Agravitae is proud to share an exclusive relationship with TKO Farms, the world's largest graviola farm, employing innovative techniques to grow larger and more nutritious graviola fruit.

Infused with a Mayan Superfruit

Graviola is renowned for its delicious flavor that delicately balances sweet and tart flavors, powerfully packed with antioxidants as well as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties high in Vitamin C, Potassium, and Fiber.