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100% Pure Premium Young Leaf Graviola TinctureWe’ve known of the natural goodness inside the graviola plant for years.But we didn’t settle for good. In this bottle, we’ve achieved graviola greatness.This is the ultimate premium graviola tincture. Of course, it all starts at the source. We only choose the young and most potent leaves, picked at peak freshness.Then comes our unique maceration process. We compress and concentrate the essence of this amazing plant, adding only vegetable glycerin and natural spring water to create a tincture bursting with benefits. A few drops a day, a lifetime of benefits. This magical fruit has been used in medicinal rituals for centuries.And while the health benefits of the graviola might not be new, they’re still as impressive as ever.A better, deeper sleep and reduced stress and anxiety thanks to increased serotonin stimulation.Faster recovery from ailments and more efficient digestion thanks to the powerful and natural anti-inflammatory properties.And then there are the anti-oxidants, the magic in every drop.The high concentration of vitamin C in our young leaves feeds the white blood cells and supercharges the immune system, working at a cellular level to enhance the body’s ability to defend itself.And on the surface, these powerful compounds can combat the signs of aging and stimulate the skin’s collagen production. Your new daily ritual.This 100% pure, nutrient packed tincture can be enjoyed on its own, dropped directly under tongue, or added to water, juice or your favorite shake.That’s how easy it is to do your body good. Sorry, great. We didn’t create a magic potion but it might be the closest thing to it.Customer Reviews

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Magic in Every Drop

Now you can enjoy the tremendous benefits of Graviola quickly with just a few drops of this nutrient-rich superfruit elixir.

From the Heart of Belize

Agravitae is proud to share an exclusive relationship with TKO Farms, the world's largest graviola farm, employing innovative techniques to grow larger and more nutritious graviola fruit.

Infused with a Mayan Superfruit

Graviola is renowned for its delicious flavor that delicately balances sweet and tart flavors, powerfully packed with antioxidants as well as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties high in Vitamin C, Potassium, and Fiber.